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ARMCO Bollards are versatile in their many applications.
Manufactured in 5.4mm steel to meet both traffic and parking and customer specification, Armco Bollards are then Hot Dipped Galvanized to produce a quality product that is durable and safe.  Many of our competitors manufacture Bollards by simply cutting pre-galvanized pipe. At Armco, all Bollards are manufactured by certified welders and galvanized as an entire unit.

Armco Bollards are available in a variety of fixing options. Our stock products include Removable Bollards, Fixed Bollards and Bollards with base plates. 

ARMCO Bollards are invaluable when installed to provide asset protection, access or entry definition and traffic or pedestrian safety.  Whilst Armco Bollards offer safety as a stand alone product, this may be enhanced when used in conjunction with Railgard or RHS barriers. (see examples below)

For enhanced corporate recognition, or improved visibility, Armco Bollards are available in a variety of colours.  Our colored Bollards are powder coated after being hot dipped galvanized and are therefore of superior quality and highly durable in every application. Safety yellow is a popular choice of Bollard colour with consideration in the OH&S area, and Environmental Green allows the provision of safety/protection by the Bollard, whilst minimizing the impact on environmental aesthetics.

Our customers are able to select the colour of their Bollards by making available a sample of their corporate colours.  When a colour has been matched, the powder coating may be applied to their specific Bollard requirements and any other of our products.  Please view examples below to see how effective this process is.

Galvanized Bollards with Base Plate

Powder Coated in corporate colours - Bollard & Cornagard

Corporate Colours help with visual marketability

Powdercoated corporate colour Bollards on Base Plate

Bollards used in conjunction with Railgard

Safety Yellow Bollard with Base Plate

Bollard used with Railgard - single height

Safety Yellow Bollard Access Gate

Our sales team are ready to help you, should you require a non-standard Bollard. 
Alternatively, select an option from the menu above that will suit your needs.