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With the experience of over 25 years in guardrail and barrier systems, Armco® Barriers Pty Ltd has become the leader in the safety barrier market.  From humble beginnings, the company now has a clientele base that will only choose ARMCO® for their safety barrier requirements.  An all Australian family owned business that employs Australians and uses Australian resources, we provide service, support and a knowledge of the product that is second to none and will always see our clients return.


At ARMCO®  Barriers you deal with people specialising in the road safety barrier industry with over 20 years experience.
Many clients take advantage of our expertise prior to planning their project and achieve better solutions at a reduced cost.


Expertise leads to Innovation.  Whilst our competitor’s product remains largely unchanged, ARMCO®  Barriers continue to innovate.
nnovations such as symmetrical holes in the post for easier installation, or internal storage to prevent white rust are all reasons why ARMCO®  Barriers is the preferred supplier for more and more customers.  

The development of new and relevant products such as the Stubby Nose™ terminal, Pipegard, Cornergard , Bollards and Handrails reduce your Occupational Health & Safety concerns whilst providing practical and economical safety barrier solutions.


ARMCO®  Barriers is leading the way as a manufacturer that offers an Installation service by its own staff with total product knowledge.
Our teams are first aid, Traffic Management and OH&S trained to ensure the job is performed safely and to specifications.
Selecting the manufacturer to install the product has the benefit of faster installation and the assurance that it has been correctly installed.


Providing better products, design advice, an installation service and superior Customer Service is our standard practice. ARMCO Barriers also offers competitive pricing each and every time.


ARMCO®  Barriers warrants that its products are supplied free of defects in workmanship and materials.
Provided it is correctly installed, is not damaged in a collision nor subject to misuse, all ARMCO
®  products should give many years of maintenance-free, safety barrier protection.


Product excellence is assured by operating in accordance with Quality Assurance System AS/NZS ISO 9000.2 . Our products meet the requirements of Australian Standards and/or local Road Authority Standards. 
All product is hot dipped Galvanized to conform to AS/NZS 4680. Our installation services also meet the requirements of each
State Road Authority.  


Armco®  Barriers is a manufacturer of all of it's products, therefore we carry stock and availability is not an issue.  Custom products or 'specials' can also be available in a very short time frame, due to accessibility to production, material and professional personnel to ensure that a product is available as soon as possible.


ARMCO®  Barriers is a wholly Australian owned company supplying and operating throughout the nation and will satisfy your safety barrier requirements Australia wide.