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ARMCO Railgard End Treatments



The Stubby Nose end, an Armco Barriers product, was designed by Armco Barriers for off-road applications, i.e. warehouses, factories, car parks etc. The Stubby Nose end is the safest alternative to protect your  workers or the public from injuring themselves on exposed Railgard ends. 

Unlike the obsolete Fishtail End, the Stubby Nose does not protrude beyond the back of post, ultimately allowing for a neater fit.

This is an Armco Barriers initiative in order to provide a safe solution  and to meet Occupational Health and Safety requirements.                                          

  Part No:   X-SN


BULLNOSE END        Part No:   X-BN

The Bull nose end is a State Road Authority design with a larger radius than the Stubby Nose end. The Bull nose end is predominantly used in road related applications .

TYPE C END              Part No:  X-TCE340

Type C ends are utilized as end treatments where double sided  guardrail is indicated. We have three options, based on the width of the double sided application.


Designed in the early 1960s, this end treatment has been phased out by all state road authorities. 

Armco Barriers recommend the widely accepted Stubby Nose for the safer and more effective alternative.